Friday, 28 March 2014

When did you last change your pollen filter?

The clocks are going forward this weekend! – yeeeaaaaah! 

It’s Spring and soon it will be Easter – time to finally be able to get outside more!

The only downside of all this mood lifting news is that there could be an increasing number of people who are dreading the spring and summer due to being  prone to allergies and in particular, hay fever. The Allergy season is pretty much upon us and this can cause all sorts of problems for hayfever sufferers from spring right through to the end of summer.

It may sound as if I am heading off in a direction unrelated to cars, but there is a link!!
Due to the change in season, it is now time to think about when you last changed the ‘pollen filter’ or ‘cabin filter’ in your car. I believe it is just as important to change the pollen filter in the car as it is to have your oil filter changed.
This image shows the difference between a new cabin filter and one that is clogged
The cabin filter cleans the incoming air and therefore is able to halt the pollen, dust and other pollutants that would otherwise be drawn into the car through air conditioning and ventilation systems.  For this reason, the filter really does need to be replaced on a regular basis.

As a parent of an asthma / allergy sufferer, I know how important it is to minimise the exposure to pollen and any other aggravators for the sufferer to be able to breathe as freely as possible and be able to minimise the number of episodes they have.

Unfortunately changing the cabin filter is not covered by every service schedule, meaning that it could be an additional cost which varies for each vehicle, however it is not something that will set you back a fortune by any means and could greatly contribute you and your family’s general wellbeing. Lakeside Garage can check the schedule for your particular vehicle to give you the exact requirements for changing your pollen filter.
It goes without saying of course that having the pollen filter in the car does not provide protection other than inside the car!

Here’s to happy allergy free days out as we enjoy the upcoming holiday season!

For those of us that do continue to suffer with Asthma, hayfever or allergies I am highly recommending Silvia Giunta – a Homeopath based in Windsor who has helped many people with similar issues.

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