Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Would you want to fork out for a new engine in your car?

The Costly Potential Outcome Of Not Having Your Car Serviced Regularly And Properly.

These images show an engine which has had to be removed to be replaced with a new one. A lengthy and costly job!

The owner was experiencing knocking sounds whilst they were driving and correctly brought the car in to be checked. The car went to a dealer who advised that a complete engine change would be needed due to premature wear in the engine. In the opinion of the dealer, the vehicle had not been serviced regularly according to the manufacturer’s schedule and / or the wrong grade of oil had been used.
The oil had turned ‘glittery’ (Just for our lady readers!) which means that within the engine, the internal components had been rubbing  ‘ metal on metal’  as the oil could not get in between the surfaces to lubricate  The result is that  metal begins to rub away and creates filings within the oil and in turn this leads to excess internal engine wear.

For more information on the importance of changing the oil in your vehicle, click on the link below:   http://www.lakesidegarageservices.co.uk/lakeside-news/why-you-cannot-afford-not-to-have-the-oil-in-your-car-changed-regularly


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